GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu v1.9 Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu v1.9 Latest Version

This mission will begin innocuously enough, with Niko sitting at the bar talking with the friendly bartender, Mickey. After ordering some water (why he doesn't order a drink we do not know), loud, obnoxious Vlad will show abreast of the scene. He will drag Niko to a quiet booth where the 2 can talk business. Niko is ultimately coerced to execute successful at Vlad's request, being told that a reasonably powerful man are going to be angry at Niko and Roman if this hit isn't fulfilled. With little choice, Niko accepts, and you're of to seek out your target.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu v1.9 Latest Version

Begin to drive towards where the GPS directs you, and suddenly Ivan will spin of a garage in his sports car and start a race with you. there is no possible way to prevent him in his drive, and that is because this mission culminates not on the road, but on foot. As long as you'll stay near him on the chase, he'll always find yourself at the development site at Onondaga and James Streets. So, no matter where he's going, if you recognize where that location is (just check the map that came with the game), you'll actually drive straight there and await the second leg of the journey. maintaining with Ivan is doable, but it requires quite little bit of skill and finesse (and few, if any, mistakes), so consider your options and choose which method suits you best.

Once you reach the development site, Ivan will abandon is car and begin on foot. Naturally, you ought to pursue. It appears the rationale for this mission is to point out you ways to both climb ladders (as you'll do several times as you climb up the development site), also as the way to line rooftops, and jump from roof to roof. Ultimately, you will have Ivan stuck during a corner, and he'll be hanging off a roof with nothing between him and considerable distance right down to the bottom . you've got a choice here. you'll let him live, otherwise you can kill him. If you opt to let Ivan live, he will offer you an additional mission afterward within the storyline. Killing him doesn't prevent you from getting 100% completion. We chose to kill him, but we'll leave that choice up to you. Either way, the mission will end in victory, and you will become just a touch bit richer. Monetarily, of course.

How To Install

How To Use

Cheat Menu Open:: CTRL M

{1} Teleportation
{2}Game memory read/writing
{3}Vehicle & weapon spawners
{4}Vehicle speed, fps, vehicle health, vehicle gear meters
{5}Skin changer & Ped spawner
{6}Set of options regarding game & visual changes

Download Link::Link
Size 18 MB
Price Free
Password::Fully Update Games

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