GTA SAN Andreas PUBG MOD Free Download

GTA SAN Andreas PUBG MOD Free Download

Head back to the United Liberty Paper building at the middle of Algonquin, on the under construction section of Columbus Avenue. This time, Michelle... we mean, Karen, is not any where to be found. Instead, you will be dealing directly with the guy she brought you to before. He liked what you probably did with Oleg, and he has more for you to try to to this point . the 2 men mess with one another , but it's clear that Niko isn't even remotely during a power position in his relationship together with his unnamed contractor. He asks Niko to travel steal a cop car and access the police computer. He also wants Niko to await an image on his telephone from him showing an image of the target.

When you head outside, you would possibly also move the chase and obtain the unpleasant task of boosting a cop car out of the way. While you'll be ready to determine randomly parked and abandoned somewhere, likelihood is that you will have to steal one, which is gonna net you a minimum of a two star wanted level. If you would like to stay it really low key, plan to boost a car by smashing a cop car, getting out of your car, coercing the cops to return towards you, then jumping in their car. this could only net you an easier-to-escape one star rating.

GTA SAN Andreas PUBG MOD Free Download

With a cop car in your possession, you'll now use the image sent to you by your contractor of the guy you are going after. prefer to look around the records and cross-reference pictures (this will happen automatically, thankfully), and your target will come up on-screen. His name is Adam Dimayev, he hangs out at an importer-exporter, and he's wanted for financing terrorist activities. most significantly , however, you will get his location, which is at Hooper Street in Dukes (it are going to be added to your HUD via GPS). So, once the coordinates are in situ , drive over to your destination posthaste.

When you reach your destination, a plethora of red dots will appear on your HUD. These represent all of the enemies within the area, and naturally you are going to wish to eliminate all of them , not only your intended target. Thankfully, as seen within the screens below, there is a excellent spot to start firing upon because the driveway slants upwards. you'll peek over it and start firing away at foes (use a shotgun for nearby enemies and automatic weaponry for those far away). Then, as you're employed your way towards the left, use the varied cars as cover, being bound to dodge enemy bullets as you retain the warmth on.
GTA SAN Andreas PUBG MOD Free Download
GTA SAN Andreas PUBG MOD Free Download

GTA SAN Andreas PUBG MOD Free Download

GTA SAN Andreas PUBG MOD Free Download

It's a good idea to aim a machinegun up at the roof of the garage and start cutting down the enemies there. That's because, employing a ladder on the building itself, you will need to go up there, and preemptively clearing the enemy ranks before your climb will make surviving your brief stay the roof tons easier. After clearing what enemies you'll (kill a minimum of three foes before your climb), you'll then climb up and start exterminating any remaining foes. The baddies over here have better cover to utilize, so take things slowly and target one foe at a time to form things easier for you.

Now, when all of the red dots but one have disappeared from your HUD, meaning that it is time to travel after your mark. You'll notice that the red icon features a black line thereon , however, indicating that the foe is either above or below you. to urge to him on the higher-up roof adjacent to the building, you will need to go to the far right of the initial roof and boost yourself up onto some metal crates. Use these crates to climb and jump up to the roof where the foe is found . Then, do him in with a firearm of your choice. Case closed.

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