GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

When you return to Ray's place on Denver Avenue in Algonquin, it'll appear that he's during a little bit of trouble. He's speaking on the phone to at least one of the diamond dealers, who's threatening his life. Ray doesn't take too kindly to threats, so as soon as Niko walks in (after he throws his telephone at one among the waiters within the restaurant), he asks him to travel to the north end of Algonquin, where he can eliminate the jeweler and his friends before they begin lecture the incorrect people about the lost diamonds, the lost cash, and what happened. Niko readily agrees to the offered mission, and walks off to urge the ball rolling.

Once outside, boost a car. Your destination is the Majestic Hotel, which is found at the north end of Algonquin on Nickel Street, which borders the southern fringe of Middle Park. The drive there should be a comparatively simplistic one, so we're not too concerned with you getting there. Once you arrive, Niko will walk into the hotel automatically, then the sport prompts you to seek out how to urge upstairs, where some epic battling with the diamond dealer's thugs can begin. Doing so is straightforward enough -- simply take the elevator upward to proceed.

GTA San Andreas USA MOD Free Download Pc

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As long as you are not wielding a gun once you arrive on this floor, the blokes waiting around the hallway won't attack you immediately. But as soon as you walk forward and/or draw a firearm, they go to start firing. you've got to figure quickly here because you're caught in a tight corridor with nowhere to cover. Use what cover you'll as you head forward (being bound to grab dropped weapons and ammunition as you head forward), and make quick work of the foes you encounter in order that their stronger firearms don't rip you apart too badly. At the top of the hallway, bust through the door on your right, killing foes in between you and therefore the door, and run up the steps to the ground above.

You can't go up quite one flight of stairs, so once you've climbed up, bust through the door and kill more foes guarding the door on your left. As you head through the door, you will find yourself in a small room with no enemies, so catch your breath, then run into a subsequent, wide-open room where a plethora of foes is expecting you. If you've got grenades (and some skill using them), you'll cook a grenade, bust through the door then toss it to nullify many of the enemies immediately. Otherwise, bust on in and take cover behind the couch right ahead of the door as you methodically kill all of the enemies within the room. As usual, automatic weapons work best here, but you'll need to work with whatever you've got currently, especially if you have been recently arrested.
GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019
GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

GTA San Andreas USA MOD Ultra Graphics Low Pc 2019

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When the front room is cleared, you'll push your way forward to the area, with the kitchen shooting off to your left and a staircase leading up to more floors. If there are any remaining stragglers within the area, eliminate them, then carefully approach the kitchen to kill a few of the men hiding in there (or better yet, chuck a grenade in there and kill them instantaneously). When all is cleared thereon floor, you'll then run up to the ground above via the staircase. Bust into the primary room you encounter, where a lone thug and his girl are hiding. Kill the thug (you can kill the girl, too, if you are feeling extra vengeful), then run up to the roof.

Once on the roof, there's little standing in between you and Isaac, your mark. you'll remove his friends at your leisure, but once Isaac is killed (he's usually standing near the grill), the sport will order you to fall back and escape the hotel in one piece, a surprisingly easy feat, albeit the cops are now conscious of the melee ensuing. As long as you didn't leave stragglers behind, you ought to only run into new enemies backtrack within the living/dining area below. Once you clear through a couple of these new guys (who are packing heavy guns), you'll bust through the door, run all the way backtrack to the steps, down the initial corridor, and to the elevator. Hail the elevator, take it right down to the lobby, and boost a car once outside, speeding far away from the hotel. albeit you've got a wanted level, all it takes is driving far away from the hotel to bring this mission to its successful end.

How To Use

Cheat menu using a key ( Ctrl + C )
Cloth change menu Using key ( 3 )
Teleport To Marker Mod Select Map Location And (XY)
Vehicle Spawn Premium Mod (7)

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