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GTA San Andreas Golden Pen New Version Free Download

GTA San Andreas Golden Pen New Version Download

As soon because the previous Ray mission ends, Niko will give him a call and let him know the cash and diamonds are both gone. It's clear that Johnny, the biker guy, has the cash, so Ray orders you to return back and visit him as soon as you'll at his restaurant hangout on Denver Avenue in Algonquin. this is often that mission. once you arrive, a lover of Ray's (who also appears to be his superior in their hierarchy) is sitting at a table, and therefore the three men talk business. the very fact is, the diamonds being gone is ok as long because the money is retrieved, and a bit like that, Niko is dispatched to urge the cash from the bikers in order that they will return to the established order .

Boost a car and start heading to the alleyway between Vauxite and Wardite Streets (squeezed in between Denver Avenue and Exeter Avenue). The drive there's moderate long , but you ought to haven't any issues getting there. Once you arrive, two of Johnny's biker friends are often found. Niko approaches them and asks for the cash they owe Ray, and once they refuse to cough it up, Niko is forced to follow them on a motorcycle as they speed off on bikes of their own.

GTA San Andreas Golden Pen New Version Free Download

The men are represented as red dots on your HUD. Holster your gun (since you will not be ready to shoot them just yet) and save your bullets. Instead, consider following them as they weave around various Algonquin streets. This mission is fairly forgiving, thankfully, and albeit your targets are on fast bikes, they will not go too fast that you simply won't be ready to continue with them, albeit you fall once or twice. Just don't allow them to stray too far, otherwise you will lose. But confine mind that you simply don't got to stay right them to satisfy the game's requirements.

Eventually, these maniac bikers will get down of the road and head into a subway tunnel that leads eastward to the Broker/Dukes island. you are going to possess to leap down and join them. If you're too distant to ascertain how they access the tunnel easily, then just check out the crumbling wall segmenting the road faraway from the autumn to the tunnel. this will be easily jumped on a motorcycle , and once you land below, simply turn the bike around and start heading into the dark, dreary tunnel. the sport will prompt you on the way to use your bike's high-beams if you would like them, but don't even worry that . Instead, worry about keeping on them and dodging subway cars that are getting into both directions (the latter will kill you instantly if you run into them). you'll also plow ahead and eventually wield your gun (preferably an Uzi) and remove one among the bikers at now . Not both of them are often taken out, however, so holster your gun another time after one has fallen (and be absolutely bound to dodge the corpse and therefore the bike so you do not take a fall of your own).
GTA San Andreas Golden Pen New Version Free Download
GTA San Andreas Golden Pen New Version Free Download

GTA San Andreas Golden Pen New Version Free Download

GTA San Andreas Golden Pen New Version Free Download

GTA San Andreas Golden Pen New Version Free Download

How To Download And Install

Eventually, you'll find yourself on the Dukes/Broker island and can emerge from the subway tunnel. Now, you're biking on an elevated subway trestle, but you'll still need to dodge subway cars. The lone biker remaining will then veer off towards the left, down alittle pathway, down some stairs, and back on some regular roads. Once he does this and you follow, the chase is almost over. He'll still keep his distance, but once you're within close range of him, you'll begin firing at him. a couple of bullets will take him down, and you'll then get off of your bike and do any necessary additional damage to kill him (if he is not already dead). With both bikers thereafter eliminated, the mission concludes.

System Requirements

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz.
Ram: 4 GB.
Free Hard Drive Space: 7.GB.
Video Card: 2 GB
DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card.

How To Use

Cheat menu using key ( Ctrl + C )
Cloth change menu Using key ( 3 )
Teleport To Marker Mod Select Map Location And (XY)
Vehicle Spawn Premium Mod (7)

Download Link::Link
Size 2 GB
Price Free
Password::Fully Update Games

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