Venom Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download


Venom Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download

Meet with Pegorino and he'll provide you with the contract to kill Dimitri. Roman doesn't want it, and Kate doesn't just like the deal. you've got to settle on what you would like to try to to . There are two choices on your map green deal, and red revenge.

Go with Phil to the harbor. After the phonecall from Dimitri, attend the roof. Follow Phil, prepare weapon and go inside. there's a crowd of enemies here: with a touch luck and accuracy you ought to kill them and reach the office. Money is nearly yours, but some guy will take it and run away with a truck. Take another truck and chase him. it's extremely easy to lose him in docks, so drive carefully, not attacking until he moves to the town streets. Force him to prevent , kill him and take the cash . Roman should call informing you about his marriage. Reward: 250000$.

Venom Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download
Buy a suit in Perseus and attend the church.
Wait for a message and a phonecall from Little Jacob. After the talk go meet him. Go inside and chase Dimitri's gangsters. Don't shoot them, just follow them to succeed in Dimitri's hideout. Bodyguards will welcome you with heavy fire so hide and kill them using precision rifle or heavy weapons. Enter the building and kill anyone inside on this floor. undergo the corridor on the left and go upstairs. Kill anyone on the roof and go right. Chase Dimitri with a speedboat and helicopter. After a short time you ought to land (or crash) on the island. Catch Dimitri and do what you've got to try to to .
Venom Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download
Venom Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download

Venom Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download

Venom Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download

How To Download And Install

How To Use

1: Before entering venom mode, your player already has slow health regeneration
2: When your player's health are pretty low, mod will activated automatically
3: To activate manually hold right click and press G (group follow button) and N (conversation no)
4: Your player will receive Armour, fast health regeneration, super punch, and almost immune to anything
5: Aim (hold right click) at nearest people and left click to strangle target
6: Press X to kill target or press T to spare
7: Press R to jump, while in the air move the camera to change player's direction
8: Press F to drop quickly or press X to drop onto nearest vehicle
9: While landing on the ground/target, hold F or X to initiate explosion
10: Do step 3 again to deactivate the mod
11: When your player die or busted, it will deactivate the mod automatically

Download Link::Link
Size 3.25:MB
Price Free
Password::Fully Update Game

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