Vehicle Cannon Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download

Vehicle Cannon Mod For GTA San Andreas Download

Additional information: This mission is extremely almost like the previous one reserved for Franklin, because he becomes, again, a contract killer. This time, he'll need to eliminate four targets, and three of them should be eliminated with some long-range weapon, like a muffled precision rifle. As for preparations, choose a fast car, because the key to the success may be rapidly moving between locations.

You begin this mission nearby the car wash in Little Seoul in Los Santos. once you get there, approach the phone box and devour a phone from Lester, who explains the small print of the mission. The plan is to kill four corrupted jurors within the juridical case connected with the tobacco company Redwood Cigarettes. Attention - if you play on the stock market, consider buying shares of Debonaire Cigarettes, because it'll profit the foremost from those killings.

Vehicle Cannon Mod For GTA San Andreas Free Download

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You have to eliminate four persons in 9 minutes. The first corrupted one may be a bodybuilder and may be found nearby Vespucci Beach. Stop at a distance from the person shown on the screen above and only then fire. Following those hints, you should not alarm civilians and attract police attention.

The second juror is often found on the yacht, docked next to the Pacific Bluffs (north-west a part of Los Santos). Stop the car at the shore, choose the precision rifle and aim at the yacht. don't be concerned if you kill also his girl, because it won't affect the results of this mission in a negative way.

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