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GPS Para Mod for GTA San Andreas Free Download

GPS Para Mod for GTA San Andreas Free Download

Following the tragic events at Roman's wedding, you will find Niko back at the house in Bohan. Frustrated, upset and angry, Niko vows revenge, but there appears to be nothing to try to to yet. Head outside and await a forthcoming text message from Little Jacob, which can encourage you to hunt out a weapon dealer to refill . We highly recommend you buy an RPG and a few grenades, also as assault gun rounds. Eventually, Little Jacob will offer you a call and tell you to satisfy him and Roman at a car in Alderney, on Asahara Road. So, head over there (the GPS will show abreast of your HUD and obtain you there easily). Once there, you'll meet with Roman and tiny Jacob, and they'll offer you the rundown on the upcoming mission.

Basically, you are going to be following a car manned by a number of Pegorino's goons as they stupidly bring you to his location. this is not one among those chases where you've got to remain far behind the car to form sure they do not see you. They immediately know you're on their tail and act accordingly. They turn their car around, shoot at you, and start driving wildly around Alderney, employing a major highway as their primary conduit. Simply stay them (holster your weapon, shooting at them won't help you). once they cross the highway lanes so their going against oncoming traffic, carefully follow them subsequent time you get the chance to cross over, since this may allow you to miss a majority of the oncoming traffic while dodging the rather pesky possibility that you simply miss the exit they take, making it impossible to catch copy with them.

Ultimately, the car filled with Pegorino's men will bring you off-road and towards an abandoned casino at the far north end of Alderney, off of Beaverhead Avenue. once you arrive, the sport will take over for a touch , bringing you to the outskirts of the casino. Here, Niko will encourage Roman and tiny Jacob to urge out of here and let him lookout of Pegorino while those two find out an exit strategy for Niko. And a bit like that, the 2 of them split faraway from Niko, leaving him alone to require care of Pegorino and his goon army.

GPS Para Mod for GTA San Andreas Free Download

First, it is time to clear the front of the abandoned casino of the various enemies waiting there for you. The RPG we earlier recommended you purchase comes in handy here, since the foes ahead are using automobiles for canopy . Well-aimed rockets can eliminate the cars, forcing explosions which will kill, maim and injure many of the enemies who are currently hiding. Once some or all of the cars are ablaze, you'll then pull out an assault gun and start running around, eliminating any stragglers. Be especially mindful of two pesky groups of enemies as you are doing this, however. Three foes are going to be along the lower roof on your right, while two shotgun-toting foes will plan to cause you to miserable from a ditch behind the cars' location.

When all is quiet, it is time to breach the building. you've got some options, because there are 3 ways this will be done. the primary most unpleasant thanks to do so is to easily undergo the front entrance into the building, where you'll affect the remaining enemies head-on. the opposite two techniques are preferable, however, because they permit you to thin out the enemy ranks before having to face them directly in close quarters. Therefore, we recommend using one among these two techniques, two which meet rather nicely within the end. Both involve getting to the building's roof. While facing the front of the building, going left and around back will lead you to an extended ladder which can cause the roof, while going around to the proper will bring you to a staircase and a shorter, more manageable ladder. Ultimately, however, once you're up there it's all a matter of going to the varied holes within the roof which can allow you to require potshots at the foes below without them having the ability to reply with quite random fire.

It's entirely possible you were ready to clear each and each enemy from strategically placing yourself along the roof and firing through the holes within the aging structure. Either way, though, you are going to wish to drop by and confirm for yourself. We recommend just falling through the roof (it's a totally survivable fall, plus there's health within if you would like it), but if it causes you to feel better, you'll climb backtrack to ground level and undergo the front entrance . Either way, as soon as you arrive, head through the rubble-filled rooms to clear any remaining enemies (there should only be five or six enemies in here total). Then, hunt down an area on the far end of this abandoned building.
GPS Para Mod for GTA San Andreas Free Download
GPS Para Mod for GTA San Andreas Free Download

GPS Para Mod for GTA San Andreas Free Download

Once you head into this room, you will find Jimmy Pegorino. After blaming Niko for Kate's death (even though he was holding the gun—go figure), he'll run up the steps he was standing on, towards the roof. Give him chase, heading up the steps yourself. Once on the roof, be able to immediately do battle with a number of Pegorino's remaining soldiers, though you ought to be ready to blast through them rather quickly. you will see Pegorino head down a ladder, so chase (you can just jump down rather than climbing). Run after him, removing foes on the way , including a pair of enemies that show up during a car as you near the pier.

Ultimately, Jimmy will jump into a speedboat and leave . On the dock, you'll find a mud bike. the sport will encourage you (via a prompt) to urge on the bike and speed along the coastal beaches in pursuit of Jimmy, so do so, going as fast as you comfortably can while keeping in mind that the sand is unsteady and difficult to prevent on. Also, you'll run into some debris and other people who, if hit, will force you to fall and almost certainly ensure your failure of the mission. This ride are often a touch of a pain, so take it easy, and if takes you a couple of tries, don't sweat it. Use it to find out the route so you recognize it better subsequent time around.

Eventually, as you ride along the beach, a helicopter will fly overhead. It's Little Jacob and Roman! the sport will prompt you to use the ramp at the top of the beach to fly up to the helicopter. Hit it as fast as you'll , but confine mind you do not need to be going that fast for this to figure . As soon as you've grabbed onto the helicopter, follow the on-screen prompt to tug Niko in. Then, ignore the instructions the sport gives you. you do not need to remain too low—just follow the boat marked as a red dot on your HUD. It's heading for Happiness Island!

The helicopter will receive damage from an RPG, but Pegorino's boat is additionally already damaged. Both crafts eventually crash onto Happiness Island, and you'll regain control of Niko thereafter. Chase after him (again, represented as a red dot on your HUD) and wade through his previous couple of cohorts and you bum rush his position near the Statue of Happiness. Once you discover him, begin shooting him, and therefore the game will take over. we cannot ruin the surprise for you here—just enjoy Jimmy's pain! Congratulations! You've beaten grand larceny Auto IV. Here's hoping you made an alternate save so you'll enjoy the opposite end route you'll have taken.

Will show you the path to the destination on the radar and on the map in the menu. Is activated, if a check mark appears on the radar and you are in the vehicle.

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