GTA San Lite V9 (Mali) Apk+Data Highly Compressed

GTA San Lite V9 (Mali) Apk+Data Highly Compressed

Additional information: the highlight of this mission is that you simply pay another visit to the town of Ludendorff within the North Yankton state, which was the location of the events played within the prologue. it's worth noting that you simply don't get to buy any equipment for this mission because Michael is going to be stripped of all his belongings right after he enters North Yankton anyways. This, aside from pistols.

Reach Michael's estate and watch the cutscene of Trevor's aggressive burst. Wait until you're taking control of Michael and leave the villa. don't bother with the very fact that Trevor stole Michael's car, because you are doing not got to race with him. Leave the estate, wangle some means of transport and drive towards the airport located within the Southern part of Los Santos. Park the car within the marked area and go towards the steps, which can take you to the doorway to the most terminal.

(v) GTA San Lite V9 (Mali) Apk+Data Highly Compressed

The game will start a cutscene of your flight to the state of North Yankton. After you regain control over the protagonist, start driving along the road to the town of Ludendorff. Drive into the town and take the proper turn at the crossroads, to succeed in the local church.

Get out of the car, walk towards the cemetery adjacent to the church and take the doorway on the proper you would like to succeed in Michael's grace, currently being dug up by Trevor. Watch the cutscene here - Trevor and Michael's meeting are going to be interrupted by bandits sent by Wei Cheng.

It has already been stated that, as a result of the plane flight, Michael was bereft of all his weapons, aside from the pistol. Hide behind any tombstone and begin eliminating the incoming enemies. During the fights, it's in fact a good idea to assist yourself with time slowing, because of which you'll be ready to target the enemies' heads eliminate them and faster.

Screen Shoots
(v) GTA San Lite V9 (Mali) Apk+Data Highly Compressed

(v) GTA San Lite V9 (Mali) Apk+Data Highly Compressed

(v) GTA San Lite V9 (Mali) Apk+Data Highly Compressed

Keep pushing forward. you ought to not be in a hurry here, especially since the new enemies are going to be coming here by car. it's an honest idea to undertake berating their cars. you furthermore may examine the corpses of all the enemies because of which, sooner or later, you'll obtain an automatic weapon.

Ultimately, you would like to chop to the parking zone ahead of the church. you'll ignore the enemies across the tracks because, albeit you kill them, this may not alter the mission's results. The plan to escape the town on Michael's car will find you during a failure, and he is going to be apprehended by Cheng's people.

Soon, you'll move Trevor, who is returning on his plane (Cuban 800) to Blaine county. Answer the call from Cheng, reach the airfield in Sandy Shores, and land, which can conclude this mission.

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