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Zuma Deluxe Free Download For Pc

Zuma Deluxe Download For Pc

Zuma Deluxe is an an exciting puzzle game with a singular Aztec theme. you want to wade through multiple temples to seek out the secrets of the Zuma. within the game, an extended chain of colored balls follows a path towards a golden skull. you've to make matches of three or more balls and destroy the chain before it gets there, or it's game over. you'll combat a spread of levels in Adventure Mode, or see how long you'll hold out against an endless chain in Gauntlet Mode. Zuma Deluxe is straightforward enough for anyone to urge the hang of, but still packs quite challenge.

Basic Gameplay

In Zuma Deluxe, you control a stone frog that sits within the center of every level. This frog fires different colored balls that are destroyed when matched in groups of three or more. there's an extended chain of an equivalent colored balls following a winding path throughout the extent than eventually ends at a golden skull. Your goal is to fireside the coloured balls and make enough matches to destroy the chain before it reaches the skull. If you fail to try to to so, you lose a life and must start the extent over.

Occasionally, some colored balls will randomly change and have an icon on them, indicating that they're going to provide you with a powerup when destroyed. Some powerups may slow the speed of the balls, while others can make them move in reverse. It sounds simple enough, but can present quite challenge on later levels when the problem ramps up.

zuma deluxe free download for pc

100 Levels of Varying Difficulty

There are over 100 different levels in Zuma Deluxe organized into different temples and stages. Each temple has multiple stages, and every stage has multiple levels. Each level presents a singular path for the chain of balls to travel, and a few even have two chains to affect . Some levels take the trail through tunnels you cannot fire balls into, or a path that winds round the frog (blocking the surface a part of the chain from your line of fire). the amount range from the straightforward and straightforward to the extremely complex and challenging.

The biggest downside is that despite the differences and changes that occur from level to level, there's not much variety within the action.

A Couple Different Game Modes Offer Some Variety

Zuma Deluxe does provide two different modes of gameplay. Adventure Mode is that the just one available initially . This mode takes your through the varied levels and temples the sport offers, which are then unlocked for the Gauntlet Mode when beaten. Gauntlet Mode has similar gameplay to Adventure Mode, but with a couple of changes. instead of advancing through levels, you decide on only one level to play on. You play your selected level with an endless chain of the coloured balls. Your goal is to last as long as possible before the increasing colors and speed of the chain overwhelm you and eventually reach the golden skull.

Zuma Deluxe Free Download For Pc
Zuma Deluxe Free Download For Pc

Zuma Deluxe Free Download For Pc

How To Download Install And Gameplay

System Requirements

CPU: 700MHz (minimum, lo-res mode) ...
RAM: 256MB (minimum, lo-res mode) ...
GPU: DirectX-compatible; 16MB (minimum, lo-res mode), ...
DX: DirectX 8.1 (required, lo-res mode); 9.0c+ (required, hi-res mode) ...
OS: Windows XP/Vista. ...
Store: 250+MB. ...
Sound: DirectX-compatible. ...
Resolution: 16-bit or 32-bit color mode (256 colors may not work)

Download ::: Link
Price: Free
Size: 14 MB
Password: Fully Update Games

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