Virtua Cop 2 Full Version Free Download

Virtua Cop 2 Full Version Download

Virtua Cop 2 (a.k.a. Virtua Squad 2) may be a faithful PC port of SEGA's arcade hit of an equivalent name, a "rail shooter" played from a first-person perspective, except this point you not can shoot with the arcade gun.

Virtua Cop 2 follows the lives of three officers and their exploits within the field of crime fighting. you'll only play this game with up to 2 players, though. The graphics during this game easily surpasses those of the first Virtua Cop. rather than gangsters who appear as if they're all related, there are many various kinds of enemies, including soldiers, the cargo loader from Aliens, and even George Michael (well, someone who seems like him anyway). These characters know their parts well and always get to their entrances on time. They even fall off buildings and crash through conveniently placed wooden crates.

Virtua Cop 2 Full Version Free Download

The details also are alright. for instance, the enemies react differently counting on where you hit them. Shoot them within the groin and they will fall forward, clutching themselves in agony. Shoot them within the head, and you'll see it snap and therefore the body falls backward in realistic motion. There also are more interactive backgrounds than within the first game: you'll crash windows, lighting, or maybe make cars jackknife across the road by shooting their tires. Although the graphics are a touch out-of-date especially compared with 3D-accelerated marvels today, the small print of polygons and their animations in Virtua Cop 2 is certainly second to none.

Virtua Cop 2 Full Version Free Download
Virtua Cop 2 Full Version Free Download

Virtua Cop 2 Full Version Free Download

Virtua Cop 2 Full Version Free Download

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Price: Free
Size: 16. MB
Password: Fully Update Games

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