GTA Long Night Zombie Free Download

GTA Long Night Zombie Download

The Fighting Hellfish proudly presents an arcade horror total conversion for Vice City. Zombie chaos breaks out on the streets of Vice City.

Drive through the streets of Vice City like never before as zombies attempt to pull you from your car trying to find a meal. But during a world where law is not any more, other survivors can convince be more dangerous than the undead. Whether you're protecting a military transport from the air with an M60, or clearing a mall of zombies with the whirling blades of an RC helicopter, there's no GTA experience quite love it .

GTA Long Night features an ingenious storyline, over 20 new missions, new playable characters, new particle effects, numerous weapon tweaks, new gameplay features (zombies), and 25 zombie skins.

Gta Long Night Zombie Free Download

Could you assume that the ever-so-familiar "GTA: Vice City" could become a horrible place filled with bloodthirsty zombies, and rather than a cushy car, you've got to form your thanks to the goal on the armored SandKing? Well, now you've got a true chance to check your strength within the role of a crazy warrior wandering around the City of the Dead. within the total modification of "Long Night Zombie City," you'll find 20 new missions, new characters, quite 25 new "skins" of citizens, and, of course, new weapons and transport.

Gta Long Night Zombie Free Download
Gta Long Night Zombie Free Download

Gta Long Night Zombie Free Download

Download ::: Link
Price: Free
Size: 5.30
Password: Fully Update Games

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