The House Of The Dead Full Game Free Download


The House Of The Dead Full Game Download

The House of the Dead may be a "rail shooter" - a sort of game I even have not seen before on a PC platform although it's documented for arcade fans.

For those of you who aren't conversant in the expression "rail shooter": unlike the standard first-person shooters like Quake, Doom then on, in House of the Dead you're unable to settle on the directions yourself, only where the sport wants you to travel . So all that's left to you is shooting on anything that moves :-) Think Rebel Assault on foot, and you will have an honest idea of what HOTD is about.

The story is quite simple. Your girlfriend Sarah leaves a message on your electronic device , telling you she has been captured by a man called Curien. You, being the chip of the Hero, want to leap out to the place so as to free her. that's where the sport begins. As you're 'led' by the sport around an area overcrowded with zombies and monsters of all kind, you'll constantly be busy shooting, no more, no less. albeit the sole weapon you've got may be a plain 9mm-pistol, that thing obviously leaves holes in bodies in gory manners that are definitely not suitable for teenagers . Let me say this way: "losing your head" gets an entire new meaning when playing The House of the Dead ;-)

There are quite few options to toggle. the sport plays also with or without Direct-X support, counting on the choices you decide on . The graphics will remind you of Alone within the dark and similar games, but with more detail. German Authorities (and presumably other as well) are going to be glad to listen to that you simply can alter the colour of blood within the game (yellow, blue, green, red). you'll also choose between several gameplay modes, chiefly "arcade" which provides you fixed settings you can't alter, and "PC mode" where you'll choose your avatar, and along side him alter the damage he does also because the chamber-size of the pistol. The "Reload" option of the gun are often switched on and off, and therefore the lives you've got are often set from 1 to five . the sport also features the "Boss-Mode" where you'll train only the bosses at the top of every stage.

The House Of The Dead Full Game Free Download

The House Of The Dead Full Game Free Download

The House Of The Dead Full Game Free Download

The House Of The Dead Full Game Free Download

The House Of The Dead Full Game Free Download

You have to fight your way through 4 stages, at the top of every awaits some kind of boss nothing really surprising here either. While fighting the bosses of the primary 3 stages you get a firm information sheet where to shoot to harm your opponents. The 4th (and last one) just offers you an "unknown type" so you've got to seek out out the way to defeat this one yourself.

As you'll tell by now, its a rather common and 'uninteresting' implementation of an usual setting. What makes HOTD tougher and unique compared to other shooters is that the incontrovertible fact that you've got to take care to not shoot innocent civilians. If you mistakenly shoot them, it'll cost you a life. On the opposite hand, rescuing them (by shooting the monsters around them) will get you an extra-live also as increase your score, or can open up optional paths. Therefore, although HOTD may be a rail shooter, it offers a particular amount of nonlinear gameplay. a number of the directions you'll alter are quite obvious, while others are hidden behind trapdoors. Also bonus-gems (why these had to be frogs only SEGA will know) are often found hidden within the sport .

I hate shooters. Especially FPS's. Perhaps it's really not my quite game, on the opposite hand maybe perhaps i'm just hopeless at them ;-). But in some sick way I enjoyed HOTD for the 4 hours it lasted. most likely because you'll toggle the settings in such how that it makes the sport easier :-) which is that the problem with this game in my opinion: i feel it won't be suitable for hardcore shooter-fans out there thanks to limited gameplay and weapons.

On the opposite hand I cannot consider anybody else for whom it'd be suitable. But if you (like myself two days ago) just want to 'let off steam', lack classics like Space Invaders, and you're not too sensitive about "bloody" gameplay, you'll want to undertake HOTD.

If you would like a rail shooter with a more varied and longer gameplay, try the sequel The House of the Dead 2 instead. Recommended, but with reservations.

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